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Technology Today - Solar E-Rickshaw - An Affordable, Green and Efficient Personal Vehicle Option

Technology Today

Dr Archana Verma

After seeing the surge of E-Rickshaws on its urban roads, Indian cities are now set to go a step further. The latest technology in affordable 3-wheeler vehicles is a hybrid, solar E-rickshaw. This seems to be the most advanced green technology in the transport revolution.

The problem with a regular E-rickshaw is that its battery becomes inactive in 6 months and the consumer has to keep on replacing the battery, thus adding to the cost. A solution to this has been found in combining the Li-On battery with a solar panel on the roof of the E-rickshaw.

The solar panel automatically keeps on storing power from the sun, so that the E-rickshaw can keep on running on solar power and is not dependent upon the battery all the time. This cuts down the cost of energy as solar panel can function for 15-20 years and the E-rickshaw can virtually run free of energy cost.

Some models also have manual pedals, which the riders can manually pedal to pull the rickshaw along if neither the battery nor the solar power function. This can also give some exercise to the health conscious riders.

An E-rickshaw can be a very good replacement for the cars, as it normally accommodates 4-6 people, has ample space for keeping luggage, is low-cost and cuts on pollution.

Although most E-rickshaws are being used commercially to be hired for money, it is an attractive option to be used as a personal vehicle, in which the entire family can travel.

In today's times of rising petrol and diesel prices and climate change, a solar E-rickshaw is a good option as a personal vehicle.

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