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Celebrating the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, it is worth recalling the contribution of the EIT Community in seeking innovative solutions to improve air quality.

The International Day of Clean Air for blue skies , in its second edition, is a United Nations initiative aimed at raising society's awareness regarding the level of pollution in the air people breathe every day. It has been estimated that nine out of every ten people are breathing unclear air, causing an increase in the number of deaths related to respiratory diseases each year.

Immediate action is needed locally and globally to counteract the impact that air pollution levels are having on the entire ecosystem. Human health is only one of the elements put at risk, but it certainly needs to be addressed urgently concerning the changes in respiratory habits linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EIT Community is leading the change with some success stories that cannot be missed on this day.

With the purpose of cleaning the air from  CO 2  and then reusing it, Climeworks has been part of the EIT Community since 2012 when it obtained the first grants to develop a proof of concept in the direction of a zero-carbon economy.

Nearly ten years later, Climeworks is a global leader in clearing the air from CO 2 and plans to keep expanding to capture 1% of global CO 2 by 2025. Indeed, after graduating from the EIT Climate Kic Accelerator business incubator programme in 2013, Climeworks has continued to build a pan-European support network that led to its inclusion on Bill Gates' Breakthrough Technologies list in 2019.

Today, at the forefront of change, Climeworks is ready to make true pioneers out of all those who want to, removing CO2 in their name. If you wish to be part of the change, contribute here.

Leading scientific studies indicate that by mid-century 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide will need to be removed from the air every year. Direct air capture is one solution that can help achieve this goal. In order to scale direct air capture up to the levels required, we need to start today and act now.

Green City Solutions 

Have you ever thought that moss could save city streets from daily pollution? Thanks to Green City Solutions , a start-up supported by EIT Climate Kic since its creation, this is possible. Its devices - the CityTree -  can be found all over Europe and fit perfectly into cityscapes. CityTree is a vertical device where moss and wireless technology coexist to control its humidity and ability to purify the air.The CityTree is a tool that monitors air quality and ensures that it is measurable and clean. 

Plume Labs

If you want to know the level of pollution in the air you breathe Plume Labs is the right app to get. It provides relevant data on city pollution to create awareness and action in those who use it.

Plume Labs received support from the EIT Climate Kic Accelerator and was able to become a globally recognised app and increase its team. Years after its development, the app is getting more sophisticated, covering the whole globe and providing accurate data.


CleanAir Engineering was awarded a budget of EUR 335,600 by EIT Manufacturing as part of the EIT Crisis response initiative at Covid-19. CleanAir's idea was to create a mobile cleaner that could disinfect and clean the air upgrading the functionality of older AC-systems. 

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, CleanAir set up a project worthy of support. As is now well known, droplets in the air can be a virus vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage ventilation that guarantees a clean air environment. Here is where CleanAir comes in with its purification methods. 

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