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Technology Today - Destination Scientology Programme Creates Cultural Acceptance

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The Scientology Information Centre, located in the century-old Clearwater Building in downtown Clearwater, opened on July 11, 2015 and currently houses a gallery of audiovisual displays with some 400 videos. The Centre is open to all and provides a self-guided tour showing basic Scientology beliefs, Churches around the world, ongoing social programmes and the life of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder. The Centre offers tours to the broad public; holds concerts, theatrical performances and receptions for the community; and opens up the use of its conference room to social, civic and non-profit groups.

The Church of Scientology Mexico City opened in July of 2010, before an audience of more than 7,000 people. Directly adjacent to the Fine Arts Palace and neighboring the National Supreme Court, the National Bank and the National Palace, the Church stands as a six-story contemporary cultural landmark.

After learning about the Church of Scientology Mexico City, Clearwater guests shared what they most liked learning about Mexico and how the people there have maintained their traditions for centuries.

The Scientology Network on DirecTV, channel 320 has as one of its many series, the Destination Scientology programmes. These 30 minute programmes highlight some of the major Churches of Scientology around the world showing how they work, in collaboration with their communities, to make a better, safer environment. It also provides an inside look at what makes their cities or countries unique.

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