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Technology Today - Power Electronics to Showcase EV Charging Point Solution in the Market at the ACT Expo

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The multinational Power Electronics continues to lead the global market for energy storage systems and is involved in more than 150 of the world's largest solar energy battery storage projects, creating 7 GW of storage. The most recent project to kick off was the plant in Florida which - with a total capacity of 900 MWh - is the largest solar-powered battery storage facility in the world to date.

In 2019, the United States consumed more renewable energy than coal for the first time since 1885. In 2020, this trend was reinforced by the impact of COVID-19, which led energy companies to buy less coal in favor or renewables. Power Electronics supports the country in its firm resolve to tilt the energy balance towards renewables and has become a benchmark thanks to a continued commitment to innovation in order to adapt to the needs of its customers and power grids.

This is why the company will participate in the largest renewable energy event in the United States, the Solar Power International conference and exhibition, which will be held in New Orleans (Louisiana), bringing together the major players in the sector.

Participation in the ACT Expo

Aside from energy storage systems, Power Electronics focuses its business on electric mobility. This is why it will also be at the ACT Expo, the most important electric mobility event in the United States, where it will exhibit its EV charging point solution, which is the most complete solution on the market due to its advanced features.

It's the only electric vehicle charging station on the market that integrates a transformer and medium-voltage cells into the same set of equipment—a turnkey, modular, flexible and extremely reliable solution for any scenario. 

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