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Technology Today - A Mobile App for Skilling Electrician Community Across India

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On this renewable energy day also known as Akshay Urja Diwas, Luminous Power Technologies, a leader in power backup & home electricals in India launches an innovative, industry-first mobile application that aims to engage, train, and empower electricians & the dealers across India to become a Luminous Solar Guru. This training module is focused to educate electricians with the latest knowledge on solar solutions directly from a pioneer in the industry. Furthermore, it will also make the electricians equipped with tools to recommend the right solar products to the end-consumer. 

Aimed to train 2000 electricians per month, the Luminous Solar Guru App includes 3 levels of training, 21 downloadable videos followed by a challenging quiz. The training app is released with two language options, English, and Hindi, and will be releasing many more regional languages in the coming weeks to penetrate the vernacular-speaking audience. On successful completion of training, electricians shall be recognized and certified as “Luminous Solar Guru.”

Speaking about the launch, Amit Shukla, Sr. Vice President & Head (Power Solutions Business), Luminous Power Technologies said, “An improper solar panel installation is one of the biggest issues that customers experience. Many households and business owners are often spending money for repairs as a result of such a panel installation problem, causing installation teams' reputation to suffer and the solar products community as a whole to appear unreliable. To solve this problem, we at Luminous aim to upskill the electrician community at a large scale with the Luminous Solar Guru App. This initiative will empower our partners and help them gain the knowledge which they need to excel in the industry. Since this initiative is designed on a mobile app, the electrician can complete the training at his own pace, convenience, and time. Not only does the app act as a training module, but it also serves the purpose as a glossary of information related to solar solutions.” 

Luminous is a pioneer in residential solar solutions in India and offers innovative products from grid connected to solar PCUs, as well as solar batteries, solar inverters, solar controllers, solar UPS, and solar panels for homes of all sizes. Aimed to cater to the growing sustainable alternative energy demand, Luminous also has a platform Solar by Luminous’ which is an end-to-end solution for consumers’ homes or businesses that analyses elevation, structure, and shadow factors to optimize each rooftop solar installation for maximum output.

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