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Technology Today - Magneto CleanTech Gets Certified and Tested by US-based ALG labs

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In a major breakthrough for India and indeed for the world’s ongoing battle against COVID-19, Delhi based Indian air purification technology startup Magneto CleanTech has been certified by the ALG Labs (the US-based FDA and EPA-authorized group of labs) for their unique product/solution called Magneto Central Air Cleaner (MCAC) that can inactivate 99.998% of human coronavirus. It is India’s first certified air filtration solution that can not only remove PM 2.5 dust, but also eliminate airborne coronavirus. The approval and certification of ALG Labs often serves as a gold standard in the industry.

From a consumer standpoint, the Magneto Central Air Cleaner can be fitted with any type of air conditioning units including cassette, split or ducted and can even be retrofitted to pre-installed air conditioning systems. It also comes with optional real-time Air Quality Display and data giving out details of air pollutants, humidity, temperature, etc present in the surroundings.

Matt Cantin, Senior Virologist and Study Director at ALG said, “Complete inactivation of 99.998% of the test virus was demonstrated, and all test control results met acceptance criteria for a valid GLP test.”

Building on and upgrading its product which was first released in 2018, Magneto CleanTech has employed Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) disinfection technology in MCAC in order to also neutralize the deadly coronavirus, adding bio-safety to its range of products. As India’s first ISO 16890 (air filtration standard) certified air purification solution, MCAC uses a proprietary “Trap & Kill” technology to obliterate not only the tiniest of particles, as tiny as PM 1.0 and PM 2.5 reckoned extremely dangerous to human health, but also microorganisms responsible for several airborne infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, H1N1 and common cold, among others.

“For long, even before the onslaught of COVID-19, Magneto CleanTech in its earlier avatars has been assiduously engaged in researching and developing technologies particularly in the air cooling and purification space that could make a difference to the real-world problems of people. Magneto Central Air Cleaner is an outcome of that effort. What’s more, the certification by the much-revered ALG Labs under the supervision of the FDA-approved quality assurance personnel in the US is a ringing testimony to the scientific and technological strength and prowess of our country. That Magneto Central Air Cleaner co-powered with UVGI is the first product in the country offering such a niche and timely solution to the people of India is a matter of pride and honor for all of us at Magneto CleanTech. We are committed  to continue to serve our people with our innovative products and solutions for many more years to come,” said Mr Himanshu Agarwal, the CEO of Magneto CleanTech.

Apart from certification by ALG Labs, the Magneto Central Air Cleaner solution conforms to the COVID-19 Advisory by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHARE), an over 60-year old body of professionals advocating safe and efficient use of HVAC systems. Similarly, it also meets the guidelines for coronavirus protection by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a top US health security think tank. Notably, LMS Labs in Minnesota had already tested MCAC for E. Coli, Bacillus and other microbes.

“With this product, we have sought to bring the best-in-class air purification technologies and solutions – that typically exist in the West – to the Indian shores at affordable rates meant for the Indian market. It has been implemented by RBI- Jammu, Hinduja Hospitals, Jindal Group, Taj Hotels and many other organizations,” further added Mr Agarwal.

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