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Technology Today - Graphic Design Essential for Marketing Media - John Teoh

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There is nothing like graphic designing to optimise one's marketing endeavors across marketing media. Furthermore, it is of great help It helps in brand building, according to John Teoh.

"The best way that one can do that is by visually communicating the key attributes of one's product or service. That is because most of the information processed by the human brain is visual. This makes it imperative for businesses to leverage the power of graphic design to get the message across," says John Teoh, Marketing Consultant from Singapore.

A majority of people are visual learners who would prefer to engage with a visual message than with one containing heavy text. The speed of absorption is way higher in the case of visual messages than in the case of messages in the shape of text. Visuals are in fact processed tens of thousands of times faster in the human brain than text is processed.

Any business can help substantially improve its messaging with the help of a strategic design strategy optimized to deliver the most impactful messaging across myriad channels of communication. There is nothing like a unique logo embodying a company's values to establish its brand in the target audience's minds. The color palette used in designing the logo can for instance be a major contributing factor in creating a certain type of brand image for a business.

A website is one of the most significant components of a business' marketing tools and it is important that these are designed in the most optimal way for them to be truly effective in their use. The design should be such that it is not only able to draw the attention of the target audience, but also engage them and ultimately convert them into customers.

The advertising has to be in tandem with the business's brand image as well as goals. That kind of consistency is only possible if there is graphic designer's guiding template driving the message forward. An ad with a strong graphic element is the only way that one can initiate a quick call to action on the part of the prospects.

Sales collateral too has to conform to the imagery of the brand in question. Using typography the right way, the right kind of images and ensuring the ideal kind of content formatting are something that a graphic designer will have to take into consideration when developing sales collateral.

One can likewise use graphic designing skills to ensure one's core brand messaging is visible and consistent even when one is making a presentation or even in the kind of packaging one uses for one's products. All in all, one cannot overstate the importance of graphic designing in today's times.

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