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Technology Today - A Documentary on Tibet

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Asia Video Media Group recently sent special correspondent Charles Higgins to Tibet to capture the heartwarming beauty of Tibet on camera. The result for audiences is a spectacular visual journey through the landlocked region's spectacular landscapes. The latest documentary about Tibet entitled Cang Qiong Fu Yin (Gospel of the Dome of Heaven) became a big hit after its premiere on the Asia Video channel. Through the documentary, Asia Video aims to share with the world the natural beauty and culture of openness that the region is known for. The documentary was shown on the massive NASDAQ billboard in New York City and attracted widespread attention from passers by.

Westerners who have visited Tibet regard it as a paradise. It is most known for Mount Everest and Mount Kailash, the Manasarovar, Namtso and Yamdrok lakes, as well as the simple and warmhearted Tibetan people, and the traditional white khata scarf.

When one thinks of Tibet, one can't help but think of the white silk woven scarf that flutters gently in the wind. The silk scarf is called a khata in Tibetan and is a traditional ceremonial covering worn by members of ethnic Tibetan communities as a vehicle for expressing their wishes and willingness to open up to the world. It is often presented to visitors and friends as a gift embodying happiness and blessings.

The khata dates back over 2,000 years, to the time of Confucius, and was a gift that students gave their teachers. In ancient Chinese, it is called shu xiu, meaning a gift for the person or people that the sender respects the most. The tradition of presenting a khata as a way of expressing sincerity has almost disappeared across Asia's Central Plains, however, it is well preserved in Tibet, the "Roof of the World."

The documentary that tells the story of the scarf with a history going back millennia gives audiences an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding the culture of the khata and its role as a bridge connecting Tibet's capital of Lhasa to the Great Wall, and, via the Great Wall, to Beijing and the world. After all, by human nature, the pursuit of happiness is fundamental to the progress of civilisation.

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