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Technology Today - CDE Exports Waste Recycling Machine to Korea

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CDE, a company based in Calcutta, exported a waste recycling machine Korea. The flag-off ceremony of this export consignment was done by Debashis Sen, Chairperson, HIDCO/NDITA & Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of West Bengal. Later Sen posted the photos of machines manufactured in Kolkata exported to Korea, Japan and other places in the country. Machines called ReUrban that convert C&D (construction & demolition) waste into sand and stone chips. Thus, it saves mountains (stones) and rivers (sand). The perfect example of a circular economy. The only manufacturing outside of the UK is in Calcutta. Sen said, "At the factory at Dhulagarh where I went this morning, I felt proud of Bengal when I was cutting the machine’s ribbon that will be shipped in containers to Korea from Calcutta Port next week."

CDE is a company that works in wet technology for the processing of C&D Waste and its recycling. Aligned with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, it makes sure that no pollutants like liquid, solid or noise are emitted while waste undergoes treatment. We have installed such plants all over the world including half a dozen plants in India. Globally 7500 MT of Waste is getting processed and recycled every hour using CDE Technology.

It is pertinent to note that sand and aggregate are becoming scarcer with every passing day throughout the world. There is no other way to sustain our developmental aspiration than to process and reuse the C&D Waste for reconstruction. The rate of recycling of waste is over 90% in countries like England, whereas our recycling rate is estimated in the abysmally poor range of 1%.

Looking at this scenario, the Govt of India promulgated its waste rules of 2016 which mandates every city to have C&D Waste processing plants within a time frame of 4 years. Under this guideline, CDE has supplied multiple plants to Delhi, Hyderabad, Surat, Thane and Pune.

Installation of such plants not only makes available construction material like sand & aggregate but also reduces air pollution, carbon footprint and land requirement for landfills.

This state-of-the-art world-class machine being supplied to a technologically advanced country like Korea is another feather in the cap of CDE.

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