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Technology Today - 100% Recycled Packaging from Cascade

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Ranked 17th among the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, the Québec company Cascade is showcasing its environmental values combined with technological innovation. Creating this resistant, environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled materials has been a major project for the company, requiring several months of research and testing. Deployment of this new packaging will be completed by the end of 2021.

"We had to find a packaging solution that would meet the environmental standards of Cascades products. In addition to being 100% or partially made of recycled fibres, with 4.5 times less water and 2.4 times less energy than the average in the North American paper industry, our products hold the industry's most stringent recognised environmental certifications (UL-Ecologo, FSC). It was only natural that this packaging should be eco-responsible as well. We are very proud to be the first company to develop a recycled polyfilm that is as effective as its virgin equivalent and that will certainly become an example to follow in the industry," said said François David, VP, Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Cascades Tissue Group.

He continued, "At Cascades, we are committed to minimising the impact of our products on the environment. It is therefore logical for our product packaging to have a small environmental footprint while achieving higher standards than the industry average." 

In addition to all these attributes were the results of a life cycle analysis conducted by an independent firm of Cascades' polyfilm, confirming that the option containing 100% recycled resin reduces the impact on climate change by 76% compared with its virgin resin equivalent. These results clearly support the recycled option.

The research and development process for this packaging was not only inspired by Cascades' values, but was also created to meet consumer expectations. Environmental impact is a fundamental value nowadays, so it is not surprising that 60% 2  of consumers are willing to change their habits to reduce their environmental footprint. Cascades Fluff & Tuff products are still the same products that Quebecers love and choose, but now they will be offered in more eco-friendly packaging.

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