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Technology Today - World Population Day

Technology Today

 Dr Archana Verma

Today is World Population Day.

What is the meaning of this day?

1 - The living population of this world should get a healthy and prosperous living.

2 - It is the responsibility of all humans of this planet that they don't make excessive use of resources for their greed for wealth and don't damage the environment. Hence, the technology should assist in this, not go counter to it only for the sake of making money.

3 - This planet is already over-populated. Countries that have more than enough population, MUST reduce their population and this is not just a slogan. It's a necessity. Countries that have low population should import immigrants rather than increase child births. 

4 - Make immigration easy and not linked to conditions of having to pay large sums of money in exchange for permission of immigration.

5 - Abolish the culture of encouraging women to find fulfilment in childbirths. This encourages them to have more children, suffer health problems and increases the population of the world. There are numerous ways for women to find fulfilment in.

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