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Technology Today - Enercast Wins Nationwide Contract for Wind and Solar Energy Forecasts in Ukraine

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Enercast a technology provider for applied artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of renewable energy, has concluded a contract for power forecasting and scheduling services for the renewable portfolio of Ukrainian state enterprise Guaranteed Buyer. Together with recent orders from private wind farm operators, this contract marks a robust market entry for enercast in the Ukraine where enercast now provides power forecasts for nearly 7 GW of installed capacity in solar and wind energy.

enercast provides expertise and reliable data via USAID's Energy Security Project in Ukraine 

The US Agency for International Development (USAID)'s Energy Security Project supports the Ukrainian state enterprise Guaranteed Buyer in the issues of improving the renewable energy source forecasting. The broad adoption of wind and solar power requires advanced digital technology to manage the volatility of these energy sources. After a careful selection process, enercast was chosen as the project partner to provide expertise and reliable forecast data for the Guaranteed Buyer's portfolio of wind and solar power.

Guaranteed Buyer to receive power forecasts for all Ukrainian wind and solar assets

With managing the growing amount of volatile energy from renewable sources fed into the Ukrainian power grid, the Guaranteed Buyer contributes to ensuring Ukraine's independence and energy self-sufficiency while maximizing the usage of green electricity and evolving towards the European Green Deal.

"Accurate and reliable forecasting is one of the priorities of the Guaranteed Buyer. We have taken only the first step and implemented some of our strategic plans in this area. Our forecasting accuracy is improving day by day. This enables us to better manage our portfolio for over 7 GW and minimize imbalances. In the years ahead, the system will be expanded and improved which will enable the Guaranteed Buyer to forecast with the highest possible accuracy," commented Kostyantyn Petrykovets, Director of the Guaranteed Buyer.

Fuelled by energy market liberalization, Ukraine ranked third in photovoltaics capacity growth in Europe in 2019, adding more than 3 GW, while doubling its wind power capacity during the same time. By 2035, the Ukrainian energy strategy targets a share of 25% renewable energy for Ukraine's power generation. enercast provides a scalable integration platform to handle such future growth.

"As a leading forecast provider for renewable energy, enercast is proud to support key actors in Ukraine in accelerating the transition towards more sustainable energy sources. This is what motivates our entire team: Leveraging artificial intelligence to address the existential climate crisis around the world," says Dr. Henning Schulze-Lauen, Chief Executive Officer of enercast.

Ukrainian Market Requires Accurate Forecasts

With over 10 years of experience in delivering best-in-class forecasts around the world, enercast meets the exacting requirements of the Ukrainian energy industry. In Ukraine, the Guaranteed Buyer is currently the balance-responsible party for all renewable energy producers who must compensate the Guaranteed Buyer for balancing their electrical power. The state enterprise is held responsible by the transmission system operator Ukrenergo for any imbalances caused within its balancing group. That makes it essential to have accurate power forecasts for every 15-minutes block around the clock. Thus, enercast's use of applied artificial intelligence and high-accuracy weather models is a critical success factor for integrating wind and solar power into the Ukrainian energy system.

Growing Global Footprint

With the recent market entry in the Ukraine, enercast now operates in 20 countries worldwide, delivering forecasts for a portfolio of more than 180 GW installed capacity of wind and solar power. 

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