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Technology Today - Cutting Water and Energy Usage in Agriculture

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Jain Irrigation, Inc., the world leader in irrigation technology for landscape, turf, and agricultural irrigation, celebrates Smart Irrigation Month by helping customers maximize water-use efficiency from global food production to sustaining the landscapes where they live. Jain innovation in smart irrigation technologies with Jain Logic in agriculture and Jain Unity in commercial landscaping provides water conservation solutions for meeting the challenges presented by climate change and reduced access to water resources.

Smart Irrigation Month is an annual public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use. Jain Irrigation, Inc., a leader in smart water-saving practices, is delivering real results by -

  • In agriculture, helping farmers and growers precisely apply water and nutrients to minimize evaporation, runoff, and waste
  • In agriculture, reducing irrigation pump fuel consumption
  • In agriculture, monitoring soil moisture and irrigation systems to make sure water is being applied consistently
  • In landscaping, installing new smart irrigation systems that use real-time and forecast weather data that automatically adjust watering to meet plant needs
  • In landscaping, retrofitting existing standard or conventional irrigation timers to connect to the internet and become smart irrigation controllers

In a recent agricultural project, Jain helped a fourth-generation Stockton, California farmer managing thousands of acres of farmland to take advantage of soil moisture monitoring and satellite imaging for managing his water. According to Jeff Klein, about the project, "I have schedules now help me move water as deep as I need to during the season. I've learned shorter shots and higher frequencies allow me to push water to the exact depth I need at the proper time."

In a recent landscaping project, Jain helped the Long Beach Unified School District identify customer rebates from their water district in the face of ever-decreasing government funding in addition to saving them money on their irrigation water bills. According to Joe Facio, "our district has easily reduced our irrigation water bills by 50%," using Jain Unity for automatic weather-based irrigation scheduling across all grammar, middle and high school campuses.

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