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The Stonehenge Enigma - Third Edition 2021 Published by ABC Publishing Group

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The latest edition of The Stonehenge Enigma and an associated three-hour documentary is being released as a box set on the 21st June 2021. The book was first released in 2011 and was a best seller selling over seven thousand copies in its first weekend of publication, as it showed that our most famous prehistoric site (Stonehenge) was much older than the experts estimated and that it was surrounded by water, on a peninsula of the River Avon in the Mesolithic period. 

The new updated edition now includes further proof of the older date of construction made from the carbon dating evidence from the excavations of Rhos Craig-Y-Felin in Wales, the quarry site of the Bluestones that made the original stone circle and ditch. Robert John Langdon has also included much more information and evidence of this "Post-Glacial Flooding," citing over 125 peer-reviewed publications and detailed case studies, showing that rivers were higher in the past.

“The new book will show that our history is not as it is perceived in current history books,” said Langdon, “my trilogy of books in this series changes history and allows us to understand how our ancestors used to live.”

The Series "Prehistoric Britain" published cover the last ten years, goes on to tell how the ancient people of Britain used boats to travel and trade. “What is quite remarkable,” he added, “is that these early settlers to Britain not only arrived by boat, but they expanded their trading base to link to all four corners of the known world.”

The Stonehenge Enigma also includes details of the engineering skills of this civilisation and how they built the megalithic monuments like Stonehenge, Avebury and Woodhenge, using methods associated with societies of a later date. “These were not the traditional ‘hunter gatherers’ that history has portrayed in the past, but engineers that could transport 20-tonne stones on boats as well as constructing gigantic earthworks, as seen at Avebury and the hundreds of ‘Dykes’ (canals) that have confused archaeologists for hundreds of years.” 

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