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Technology Today - Why Electric Cars Are Becoming the Vehicle of Choice for Many Australians

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Electric car purchases are on the rise both globally and throughout Australia, especially amongst younger motorists - and the trend isn't likely to slow down anytime soon, say car loan experts Positive Lending. There is a multitude of convincing reasons to buy into the craze, from environmental purposes to financial justifications. Positive Lending reveals all the reasons electric vehicles are more commonly becoming the choice vehicle for Australians.

Low Cost Maintenance

Electric vehicles are unique in that they do not cost an exorbitant amount to maintain. After securing the best car loan available, the last thing a buyer wants is to incur excessive costs on top of their repayments. Fortunately, electric vehicle owners do not have to rely on fluctuating fuel prices and electric cars don't require as much maintenance as regular cars. On average, maintenance costs for electric vehicles are around 50% lower than they are for conventional cars.

Low Cost Batteries

Maintenance costs are predicted only to drop as electric car technology keeps changing and improving. Governments around the world are beginning to see the larger benefits of getting more electric vehicles on the roads; meanwhile, scientists are working on creating better batteries that won't break the bank and are looking into ways to reuse batteries and utilise second-hand batteries. Equipment finance experts Positive Lending anticipate that it won't be long before there are electric vehicle batteries available at a range of price points suitable for every budget.


There are various misconceptions regarding the efficacy of electric car batteries - many motorists assume that electric cars take hours to charge and don't get very far on a full battery. While that may have been the case in older models of electric cars, new technology has cut charging time down drastically and newer electric vehicles are well suited for long journeys. For example, the MG ZS EV will last up to 260 kilometres in just one charge, and it takes less than an hour to charge the battery to 80%.

One of the biggest selling points of electric cars for young Australians is their low impact on the environment. Because they have no tailpipe, electric vehicles do not put out any carbon dioxide emissions while they're being driven, which leads to less air pollution. They're also not reliant on an non-renewable source - petrol. Electric cars can be charged using solar power, a completely renewable form of electricity, making them the more eco-friendly choice all around.

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