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Roosevelt Island Film Festival – Tickets Finally Available Online after Delay by Corona

 Technology Today Bureau

Actor/Filmmakers Toni Vitale and long-time resident Daniel Jordano are excited to announce their live film festival on Roosevelt Island. The Roosevelt Island Film Festival will be opening its screen to new works June 25-27 at the Main St. Theater and Dance Alliance.

The Roosevelt Island Film Festival is a new film festival that is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent American and International filmmakers. The festival seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film, and introduce audiences to new exceptional works in Feature Films and Short Films in addition to special categories such as Female Filmmaker, Emerging NYC Filmmakers, Comedy, and Foreign Language Films.

The festival is the brainchild of filmmaker Toni Vitale, who was inspired by independent filmmaking which prompted her to build a festival of her own. She chose Roosevelt Island to be the perfect location for having this new born festival. Daniel Jordano, a permanent resident of Roosevelt Island and filmmaker friend who worked together on one of Daniel’s films, joined forces with her and together they co-founded The Roosevelt Island Festival.

The selections are just about complete. They include international films from Spain, China, Japan, as well as a slew of films focusing on Female Filmmakers, Comedies and NYC Filmmakers.

“Inspired by quality films in festivals I’ve attended, I love the viewing and screening process,” says Toni Vitale, Directing/Producing and creating my own films, I understand the process that goes into making a great film. “I look for specific films that will engage the audience and festival ambiance. I am excited for our official selections this year.”

"Being filmmakers ourselves, we know that it is a small miracle to get anything produced, let alone films of this caliber," says Daniel Jordano. “Having grown up here, the Island community played a huge role in my involvement in the arts, so I am grateful to help continue the legacy of the artistic and film community on the Island.”

Actor Vincent Spano, also a long time resident, will be acting as a judge, as well as Producer Toni D’Antoni, Director Matthew Penn, and Oscar winning screenwriter, Bobby Moresco.

There will be a Red Carpet Opening Ceremony on Friday the 25th culminating in the awards ceremony at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd on Sunday where they will bestow the Golden Tram to the best in fest in what will prove to be a full weekend of films.

Visit the website for more information.

The Festival will take place from Friday June 25 to Sunday June 27 at The Main St. Theater - 548 Main St. Roosevelt Island, NY 10044

Tickets can be purchased

Weekend and day passes are also available.