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New Guitar Lessons Expand Innovative Music Curriculum to Children in West Asia

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Little Kids Rock and David Broza’s One Million Guitars partner to bring Arabic and Hebrew video music lessons to students in West Asia and around the world.

U.S.-based nonprofit Little Kids Rock is partnering with internationally renowned Israeli superstar David Broza’s One Million Guitars Foundation to spread the gift of music education in the Middle East. Through this partnership, One Million Guitars has translated more than 70 of Little Kids Rock’s innovative guitar lesson videos into Arabic and Hebrew, adding a curricular component to the One Million Guitars program, and making these fun, free music lessons accessible to children in the Middle East and around the world. Israel-based nonprofit organization Polyphony Education will also use these videos to Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking students in Israel with limited access to music education. Visit Little Kids Rock’s YouTube channel to see these lessons in and Hebrew.

Famed guitarist-vocalist Broza, recognized both for his dynamic guitar performances and his humanitarian efforts, launched the nonprofit organization, One Million Guitars, in 2018 with a mission to impact the lives of children around the globe through the power of a musical instrument. Guitars donated through this program, including some to Little Kids Rock students, provide a lifelong gift empowering students to express their musical selves. Now, via the Arabic and Hebrew video lessons, One Million Guitars adds Little Kids Rock’s innovative and inclusive curriculum to its donation efforts.

“When at the age of 12 I held a Spanish Guitar for the first time, I found my channel through which to express myself,” shared Broza. “As the years went by I grew with the Spanish Guitar as my companion, my tool, my unique form of communication. Through One Million Guitars I wish for every boy and girl to have an instrument as both an anchor for their own growth and prosperity and as a vehicle to connect them to their community, to better understand one another – through music. I hope the newly translated lessons will also help build this understanding.”

The newly translated video lessons are free and widely available to both Arabic and Hebrew-speaking teachers and students in school environments and for students learning from their homes due to the ongoing global health crisis. These lessons add to Little Kids Rock’s collection of free online resources for music teachers and students to use at home during times of digital and distance learning.

“Music is something that helps to bring harmony into our world, literally and figuratively,” said David Wish, Founder & CEO of Little Kids Rock. “We are grateful to be able to offer lessons to kids in other parts of the world and to do our part to help make this world worthy of its children. Doing so with a humanitarian and artist like Mr. Broza and with an organization like Polyphony Education is an honor.”

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