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Lost Tradition of Art Revealed, Establishes Significance of Ancient Indian Artworks in Virtual Event

 Technology Today Bureau 

In a historical event marking the revelation of the lost tradition of ancient Indian art and the earliest surviving painting from the Hindu tradition (photographed and digitally restored by Benoy K Behl), dignitaries from across the world came together to celebrate the power of Indian culture.

At a virtual event presented by Sapio Heritage Restoration Division, a division of government advisory firm Sapio Analytics, the global significance of the earliest surviving painting in a Hindu temple, as well as that of the lost tradition of ancient Indian mural painting revealed to the world by Shri Behl, was established in the presence of representatives of countries from across the world.

The United States of America was represented through attendance from eminent filmmakers and authors from the country along with the Honourable Consul General of India in Chicago.

The event presented the path breaking work of Behl which clearly establishes the fact that India has a continuous tradition of paintings, coming through ancient and medieval times.

Behl has documented Indian paintings from the 2nd century BCE till the 13th century CE. He has shown that the ancient murals are the foundations of the manuscript paintings and miniatures of the medieval period. "This is extremely important because, till now, the world has been studying the tradition of Indian painting, beginning with the medieval period. The paintings of Ajanta have been known but have been regarded as a flash in the pan, as other Indian paintings have not been generally known. Behl’s work has dispelled this darkness and shown the ancient Indian tradition of painting in a clear light. Please see the attached documents ‘Paper-Earliest Surviving Hindu Painting’ and ‘India’s Unknown Tradition of Ancient Painting,’" says Hardik Somani of Sapio Analytics while explaining the significance of this revelation.

The earliest surviving painting in a Hindu temple was shown to the dignitaries attending the event representing the world. This painting is of the 6th century from the Badami Caves, photographed and restored by Behl.

At the event, Behl also showed and spoke of other ancient Indian paintings which he has been the first to clearly photograph. “Besides the great technical virtuosity of the ancient Indian murals, what is even more important is the vision of life which they contain. It is a deep and philosophic vision of great compassion. This is what makes the ancient paintings of India to be among the finest art of humankind,” said Behl about the significance of this revelation. The event was also attended by India’s Sherpa to the G20 and G7, Suresh Prabhu, who spoke about the dependence of the progress of a nation on its culture and art being the manifestation of the culture.

“It’s time that cities should not be like melting pots but like salad bowls, maintaining their identities while co-existing. One can know who we are through ancient Indian art,” added Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Member of Parliament and President of ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations). He also spoke about the need for the creation of academic courses for preparing experts in digitization and preservation of ancient art.

The event was attended by the Cabinet Minister of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, who announced the creation of a cultural center in Guinea Bissau honoring Indian ancient art, particularly the works of  Benoy K Behl. Author and diplomat Amish Tripathi spoke about the enormous importance of the work of Shri Behl, in establishing the true knowledge of Indian art and culture before the world. The Ambassador of Italy to India H.E. Vincenzo De Luca expressed the support of Italy in promoting Indian artworks. He said that India and Italy represented the pinnacle of the art of the world. He also mentioned that Italy has held exhibitions of Behl’s work in the past.

Ashwin Srivastava, CEO of Sapio Analytics and Balkrishna Choolun, Director of Ajanta HC in London, announced the preservation of the restored and unrestored photograph of Behl at the Arctic World Archive, in Svalbard, Norway, and a series of global exhibitions in different cities of the world. “For generations to come, we shall preserve this art form as a reminder to the power of Indian art in elevating human consciousness,” added Srivastava.