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EU Environmental Regulation Creates New Opportunities for Waste Heat Generation

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Clean Energy Technologies has announced that it has secured a new Clean Cycle ORC Waste Heat Generator order as a result of an environmentally friendly European directive aimed to foster development of new renewable energy projects. An EU based wood processing company will use CETY's Clean Cycle as a small electrical generation plant using waste heat to produce electricity for its own use and to sell to local businesses.

The three-year-old directive incentivises local European business to re-capture waste, generate electricity and resell it to local business and residences creating a new income stream for businesses while benefiting the environment. American renewable energy manufacturer Clean Energy Technologies currently offers a suite of clean energy solutions geared perfectly for these opportunities, with a growing hold on European market share.  CETY secured a new sale for its ORC Clean Cycle generator from a wood panel manufacturer that creates huge mounds of waste wood as by product of its production process. The wood is burned in a Biomass boiler to produce superheated water for heat and hot water. With the addition of CETY's Clean Cycle generator, it will also create approximately 800MWh/year of electricity which will be used to create electricity for the facility and sold to the neighbouring business on the power grid.  Now the recycled material is helping the manufacturer reduce electrical costs and creating a new revenue stream.

Kam Mahdi, Chief Executive Officer of Clean Energy Technologies said, "It took a few years for the EU and CETY to see the benefits of the EU's Renewable Energy directive which was renewed and improved in 2018.  It is another clear example that renewable energy legislation is beneficial to business and to the environment. The directive offers businesses incentives to implement waste heat generators and other forms of energy recovery solutions, and CETY has a turnkey solution. Its ORC Clean Cycle generator provides businesses with energy savings and new revenues. The price and quality of our ORC Clean Cycle II generator makes sense to our customers because the cost savings and revenues far outweigh the investment in our renewable energy electrical generators. We expect more businesses in the EU to take advantage of the Renewable Energy Directive and we plan to further capitalize on these new opportunities. We are excited for the future as we push forward and build more market share in Europe."

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