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Environment Day - Change Your Daily Lifestyle

Dr Archana Verma


Today is the World Environment Day. On this day, many organisations and individuals are making efforts to show their commitment to the environment by planting trees, holding webinars and so forth.
However, World Environment Day is a moment to adapt a sustainable lifestyle in one's own day to day practices. 

Following are some things you can do in your life to make the planet more sustainable - 

  • Use solar power system at home and in offices
  • Wear degradable natural textiles such as cotton, wool, jute, silk etc. and not synthetic textiles
  • Invest in housing that uses sustainable techs and solar power system
  • Don't use polythene bags, carry a bag with you when you go to the market
  • Cut the usage of plastic
  • Use sustainable handicrafts made by the artisans of India, who use low-energy-investment to produce their goods, not factory-produced goods which consume a lot of energy
  • Travel in E-rickshaws, not in petrol and diesel vehicles
The question is, are we genuinely willing to adapt this kind of lifestyle to save the planet? Is the corporate sector willing to adapt this kind of lifestyle?

It is high time the industries show a genuine transition to low-energy-usage and more use of biodegradable forms of manufacture and lifestyle. Unless the industries downgrade their high end lifestyles, forms of manufacture and business, sustainability shall remain a distant dream.
Time is already running out for all of us. We can contribute by adapting to the sustainable lifestyle today.