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Calcutta Based SaaS Launches Employment Programme for Interns

 Technology Today Bureau

Calcutta-based SaaS company with global presence crossed Rs. 7 Cr. revenue in last financial year, Tier 5, with a global presence, has launched employment programmes for the interns. Considered to be the first ever community owned and operated software development firm, Tier 5 specialises in making innovative and user-friendly products that enable the business owners to attain more clients and grow their business simultaneously.

Starting its journey in 2016, the company primarily followed a community owned module and later changed its module to SaaS or "Software As A Service" and since then Tier5 has been growing rapidly. With its 21 state of the art running software products and 8 upcoming products, the company has reported net valuation worth of more than ten million dollars.

Tier 5, in the initial days did not have any resources apart from brilliance of mind and sheer passion to excel. The company always believed in organic growth and counted on various social media channels for generating leads and growing the business. Since the beginning, the company worked relentlessly for growing the software, and at the same time, training and motivating the human resources to excel. As a result of this long term vision, just within five years, the company achieved to cross Rs. 7 Cr. revenue in the last financial year.

“We literally started from a scratch. In fact, we initially worked with rented computers. The only thing we had is, passion and zeal to ideate and execute on new software and we dared to dream! Today, apart from the revenue mark, we have a solid team of more than 100 people, who work relentlessly to make the dreams come true. So, we thought of coming up with an internship program, training the budding dreamers and now including them in our team, to dream and achieve bigger,” said Aunkita Nandi, Co Founder & MD, Tier 5.

Tier5 has a base of 15000 happy customers and the list is growing rapidly.