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Breeze Unveils Lowest Cost of Energy by Reusing Pipelines, Power Plants and Oil and Gas Labor Force

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A new company, Breeze, is using existing oil and gas pipelines for electricity generation with compressed air pipeline systems (CAPS). The compressed air will spin the turbines at the power plant to generate electricity. 

This is the first time that idle oil and gas pipelines have been repurposed to generate green energy. It's more cost-effective to repurpose the pipelines than to tear them down and rebuild.

The outcomes achieved by repurposing pipelines with the Breeze solution include - 

  • Equipment changes at the power plant are low.
  • Resulting extreme hot air for industrial – and cold air for refrigeration – makes operational waste a new revenue source.
  • Less regulation and fees will be imposed on air than oil and gas.

"By Breeze using compressed air through pipelines to create green power lines, there's enormous potential to power the grid with renewables. This could accelerate our move to renewables more than any development we've seen," said Jon Carson, former Chief of Staff at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Breeze transports green energy from remote locations and generates electricity closer to where it is being consumed. With this, it lessens the need for the massive national transmission build out. Now, new power plants can be built to support the pipelines, as the pipelines will store, transport and generate electricity. Those new power plants can increase their output by 25 percent by using direct current (DC) compressors and avoiding the conversion to alternating current (AC). 

"While a small portion of the energy used might be supplied by fossil fuels at the outset, we're working on the most affordable way to take that legacy power source out of the equation. And, we can deploy this solution fast – first, by mixing CAPS with fossil fuels and then steadily lessening the use of these fuels as innovation allows," said Denis Wiart, Director, Breeze.

Breeze will partner with the public, utilities, developers and other parties to develop standards, safety rules and certifications of CAPS deployments. Breeze will also offer subject matter experts for other deployments. On Wednesday, June 23rd, Rethink Energy hosted a webinar and live Q&A with Breeze to discuss how the company is converting pipelines into power lines.  

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