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Around the world, tremendous efforts are underway to connect the unconnected. But deeply rooted challenges remain, and, for many people, high-speed broadband or wireless remains a distant dream, at least for now.

That’s where World Possible comes in.

With a mission statement of “Connecting offline learners to the world’s knowledge,” the non-profit, which was co-founded by a group of Cisco employees in 2008, is committed to sharing open-source, digital content in places where Internet connectivity is not available.

At the heart of World Possible sits a small, innovative device called RACHEL. Designed by the original Cisco employee-founders, it acts as a miniature internet, with built-in servers and Wi-Fi routers. To date, World Possible has shared RACHELs in 61 countries, from sub-Saharan Africa and South America to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. In additional, RACHELs have been installed in 315 prisons around the world.

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