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A Make in India U-Prism Solution Air Cleaner

Technology Today Bureau

  • The solution, developed in India for the India market, safely provides 24x7germicidal eradication of contagious airborne pathogens
  • Ideal for hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities and enclosed public places with high footfall

Honeywell has announced the launch of U-Prism, an air and surface purification device that uses UV-C technology to disinfect air in highly vulnerable areas in buildings. U-Prism is an easy-to-install, wall-mounted unit that offers continuous disinfection by deactivating pathogens with up to 99%* efficacy. It is part of Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings offering. 

U-Prism is suited for places where large numbers of people are in close proximity, with a possibility of disease transmission through airborne pathogens – such as in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities. It is also suitable for use in educational and commercial establishments, metro stations and other public places. 

“U-Prism was created to help facilities better respond to the need for more frequent and thorough sanitisation of public spaces, especially those that witness higher footfalls such as hospitals and healthcare facilities,” said Ashish Modi,VP & GM, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT). “The solution can help address air disinfection challenges to help create healthier and safer building environments.” 

The product was designed by engineers at Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS), the company’s global technology development and engineering facility based in Bangalore, India. 

“The device uses high intensity UV-C light, a special reflector and a unique louver to disinfect the air, which is then circulated by convective air currents. It can be used in spaces with limited mechanical ventilation and is safe for air conditioned and non-air-conditioned environments,” said Rajeev Bhandari, Senior Director of engineering, HBT, HTS. “It is a simple to install, low-maintenance device that provides continuous sanitisation, while precluding the need for chemical disinfectants and additional manpower requirements.” 

Key Features 
  • Easy installation and continuous application – Plug-and-play design allows for easy installation and is suitable for continuous 24X7 application. 
  • Effective at improving air quality – Deactivates up to 99%* airborne pathogens, reduces cross infections and improves indoor air quality using precise UV-C wavelengths. Better air quality can help improve employee productivity and create a healthier workplace. 
  • Safe and cost-effective operations: Special reflector and louver design provides higher average UV intensity in the upper air but is safer at lower levels in the room. It can be used in a variety of healthcare facilities – from clinics to large hospitals. 
The product is manufactured to comply with the NIOSH recommended guidelines of Permissible Exposure Time (PET) in an eight-hour period. NIOSH recommended exposures correspond to a maximum recommended irradiance of 0.2 µW/cm2 for an eight-hour exposure to UVGI at a wavelength of 254.