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Wipro Recognised in Human Rights Campaign’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index

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Wipro has been named to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). 

The CEI is a premier benchmarking survey and report on US corporate policies and practices relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workplace equality, administered by the Human Rights Campaign. This is the third time that Wipro has been included in the CEI, demonstrating its commitment to sustained diversity and inclusion efforts. 

We are proud to be recognised by the Human Rights Campaign for our efforts, as we continue to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment that embodies our values of respect and openness.”

--Sunita Cherian, Chief Culture Officer & Senior VP, Corporate Human Resources, Wipro

Wipro scored 95 out of 100, earning perfect marks in multiple categories including workplace protections and inclusive benefits. Wipro has also been named to the Indian Equality Index, demonstrating that its commitment to equality and inclusion extends to its offices around the globe. 

“Cultivating a culture of inclusion and making it a way of life requires a sustained and conscious effort. This has become more important in our new remote ways of working,” said Sunita Cherian, Chief Culture Officer & Senior VP, Corporate Human Resources, Wipro.