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E-Vehicles with Iot and Cloud

 Dr Archana Verma

Here’s a solution for 2-wheeler E-vehicles, which integrates IoT to connect with a smart-phone app and stores all vehicle-related data online. This is a great opportunity for IT partners to extend their business in this field, as Green IT is taking the society by storm not only in India, but also in foreign countries. This is a Make in India venture. Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder & CEO, BattRE, talks to us about his innovation

Describe in brief your commitment to clean tech

Being an electric vehicle start-up, we have already committed to being a green company. On comparing with diesel or petrol powered two-wheelers, our E scooters have lesser carbon emissions.  Till date, we have saved over 5700 metric tons in carbon emissions. Clean tech is something we’ve looked to integrate into our products as well. Having IoT and GPS models for our BattRE One scooter and a GPS model for our BattRE LoEV scooter illustrate our pledge towards clean technology. Our customers are able to use simple mobile apps to manage the way they use their IoT scooters and as a result, participate in energy preservation.  

How does your Cloud solution help the E-Vehicles? 

Having IoT and GPS solutions for our BattRE scooters means that the customer can take advantage of some excellent features and optimise their EV ownership experience. Our cloud solutions give the customer an entire app-based interface that can also be controlled via voice.  BattRE IoT provides a pure distraction-free riding experience. A seamless Bluetooth connection allows navigation assistance and calls alerts on the speedometer. On the BattRE Gpsie, the customer has access to his vehicle remotely and can track their scooters. A driver behaviour report can also be generated along with the feature of enabling geo-fencing. Additionally, the Recharge stations that we’ve installed are all accessible via the BattRE app. This is another entirely cloud-based solution that we have introduced. 

How do you plan to extend this solution to E vehicle owners? Would you use any partner network for this? 

Our Recharge stations will slowly create a wide cloud-based network that will automatically be extended to our customers throughout India. This Cloud solution will reduce range anxiety amongst the EV owners and also bring the station owners into the electric vehicle ecosystem. Indirectly this will contribute to the popularity of EVs in our nation and give the people of India more belief when making the switch from the traditional petrol and diesel-run vehicles. And of course, we would not shy away from a partnership if it helps in extending this solution and increases its reachability. After all, the common main objective is to build the Indian EV ecosystem.  

How cost-effective is this Cloud solution? What are the challenges in implementing this plan? 

All of BattRE’s Cloud-based products are pretty cost-effective. The BattRE IoT comes at an additional cost of Rs. 1500 per annum and the BattRE Gpsie at an additional Rs.1200 per annum for any customer. We have priced our products with an aim to serve the Indian masses and at such affordability so that the common man can also be a part of India’s EV revolution. The BattRE Recharge station is a pretty cost-effective solution for all parties involved. Installing a station requires a minimal one-time cost after which the owner can slowly recover their investment by earning through a usage fee from its customers.  

The challenge to implement these solutions will always be to convince an individual to take the step out of their comfort zone of gasoline-powered vehicles. Like any relationship, the trust between EVs and customers will grow slowly in regards to the range and durability of the vehicle.