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The IMB Network, the independent multimedia broadcasting network has announced the launching of its streaming media platform for media creators (film, music and publishing). The platform is intended for media creators to express their creativity to the community. It’s not limited to music, film, and literature. 

According to the IMB Network Founder, “We established this entertainment streaming network as a result of many entertainment companies like film production companies, record labels, publishing companies losing their artistic integrity to pursue quick profit. Thus, they are losing the essence of the art itself. Our creators are those who create their original creations without relying on the current trend. Therefore, they can maximise to produce new and fresh music, films, or books.”

As an Independent broadcasting media network platform, IMB Network is not pursuing the platform for profits, a platform is a place for independent artists whether they are filmmakers, music writers, singers, or book authors to showcase their talents, and meet other creators in the same platform.

IMB Network is an original media content service that facilitates original and independent authors, music and movie makers to get more exposure and attention through its streaming service. This platform is made possible with funding from The Greater.