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Sustainable Value for Businesses - ELEKS Workshop

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The international software firm ELEKS hosted its online design workshop, joined by a guest speaker from Danish design and innovation studio KIRT and THOMSEN. Titled Creating Sustainable Value, the workshop explored how consumers’ awareness of environmental and ethical issues has grown significantly over the past decade. To meet customers' expectations, businesses need to adjust their strategies to start creating sustainable value.

The workshop aimed to help founders and executives to define opportunities for value creation, brainstorm innovative ideas, and prioritise them into a long-term roadmap.

On Wednesday 30th September, the four design leaders delved into the potential for long-term digital collaboration, exploring areas such as –

Sustainability trends and business cases – exploring global sustainability issues and identifying how these issues interact.

Defining opportunities – exploring the environmental, social and economic sustainability drivers are relevant for your business.

Generating solutions – brainstorming innovative ideas for the selected areas of your business.

Prioritisation and road mapping – selecting the ideas with the highest impact and mapping them into your long-term business vision.

ELEKS design events feature discussions with industry-leading design experts, aimed at shedding light on the design experience. The series covers how design influences everyday life, how the industry is evolving and what that means for the product design approach. The goal is to create a knowledge-sharing platform that allows business leaders greater insight into the design experience, instilling a Design Thinking approach within product development.