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Is Lithium-Sulphur Battery Set to Replace Li-On Battery?

Technology Today Bureau

Lithium-Sulphur battery is not new. It was first invented in 1960 and its technology further evolved till 1980s. In recent times, it has again taken centre-stage as it has been observed that it give off more energy than Li-On battery.

Shiv Nadar University has announced that it has further evolved the technology of Li-S battery which uses the principles of Green Chemistry. It uses the by-products of petroleum, agro-waste and byproducts of cashew nut processing. Thus, it is being promoted as a sustainable technology battery, with energy-efficient and anti-inflammable properties.

Dr Bimlesh Lochab at the University has led an extensive research team for 5 years to develop this technology. Dr Lochab;s research collaborated with the research team of Dr Sagar Mitra of IIT Bombay in carrying out this research.

Dr Rupamanjari Ghosh, Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University, said, " This is a proud moment for all of us. It underlines the need for clean technology at a time when battery-operated devices have increased manifold in usage." Dr Lochab added, "The capability of 3x energy density, coupled with a significantly safer technology, holds the promise of adopting of clean, energy-efficient technology across multiple domains."

The technology claims to use eco-friendly, anti-inflammable objects to develop the battery which gives off more energy. For example, according to an estimate by Dr Lochab, an electric car that runs for 400 kms on Li-On battery can run for 1600 Kms on Li-S battery.