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Govt Talk of Make in India A Hypocrisy - Delhi High Court

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Delhi High Court has remarked that in the face of the govt policies, its stand on Make in India seems like a hypocrisy. It said that on one hand the govt talks about Make in India, while on the other, it floats tenders which are likely to keep small bidders out of the ground handling of airports and seems to give an advantage to the MNCs.

The court further said that if the govt intended to help only the MNCs, then they should not make a show of Make in India. It was hearing the case of the change in the policy that only the businesses that had an annual turnover of 35 Crores or more could bid for the ground handling of airports. The court further said that if smaller players were kept out of tenders of this kind, then only the bigger players would rule the roost and would dictate terms to the govt.
The plea was filed by the Centre for Aviation Policy, Safety and Research (CAPSR), an association of businesses offering services to the ground handling of the airports.
The High Court issued notice to the Central govt and to the Aiports Authority of India, asking for their stand on the issue. The CAPSR has asked for the quashing of this tender eligibility criteria and formulating of new eligibility criteria so that everyone could participate.


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