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Emerging Tech Forum'20 - Event by DQ Channels Digital Magazine

Dr Archana Verma

Ibrahim Ahmad, Group Editor, Cybermedia, Speaks at the Emerging Tech Forum in New Delhi

DQ Channels Digital Magazine held an event on the Emerging Tech Forum in Feb 2020 at New Delhi. The aim of this event was to bring to light the increasing importance that the new emerging technologies like AI, ML, AR, VR, IoT etc are playing in the IT industry. The enterprises are increasingly adopting emerging technologies to gain a mileage in their venture.
It is extremely important for the IT Partners to stay in tune with the fast pace of emerging technologies that are coming into vogue.
Ibrahim Ahmad, Group Editor, Cybermedia, emphasised the importance of the IT Partners for the enterprises in the IT industry and also outside it. At the same time, he brought out the IT Partners.
Among the guest speakers were Rajendra Bhandari and Deepak Maheshwari.

For further details, click this link to read the March'20 issue of DQ Channels Digital Magazine online.