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DQ Channels Digital Magazine E Stores Webinar 8th Aug'20

Dr Archana Verma
DQ Channels Digital Magazine Webinar on E-stores for IT Partners I

DQ Channels Digital Magazine held a webinar on the E-stores started by some leaders in the IT industry who also lead some IT Partners associations. This video presents the first webinar on this topic hosted by the DQ Channels Digital Magazine Editor Dr Archana Verma. Two leaders who joined in the discussion were Alok Gupta, MD, Unistal and Rajiv Khanna, Founder, ITPro in Jalandhar. Their E-stores have some differences. Rajiv Khanna's E-store is meant for the Partners in Jalandhar only. On the other hand, Alok Gupta's E-store aims to cover the entire India and also go beyond India if possible.
These E-stores provide a platform to the IT Partners to build an online profile where they can connect with their potential customers online especially in a situation of lockdown.

Discussion also focused on the situation of IT industry today and on Make in India.