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Contactless 3D Fingerprint Scanning

Technology Today Bureau

IDEMIA has developed a 3D fingerprinting scanner that is contactless. In today's times of Corona outbreak, this fingerprint scanner is being seen as a protecting machine for the office environment. The machine is known as MorphoWave.

MorphoWave will come handy when the offices re-open and the people begin to go back to the offices. Many offices have already re-opened and many of these require the employees to give fingerprint biometric as identification. This increases the chances of contracting infection. However, MorphoWave doesn't require the person to touch the screen and hence, is being regarded as a safe machine.

Apart from being able to sense the presence of the human hand over it, it can also scan QR Codes for visitor management. It can store upto 250,000 IDs in its users list. It is more lightweight than its previous version. It is being said that it can be placed at any location.