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Cloud Solutions from All Platforms

 Dr Archana Verma

Rizwan Mohammad, Founder & CEO, FISCloud, Hyderabad, is a partner who offers Cloud solutions from all the major platforms. This interaction gives insights into his business strategies and technological evolution 

Your organisation’s Cloud solutions practice in terms of technology and business strategy

FISClouds helps its customers, no matter where they are on their cloud journey. We help customers migrate from a Private Cloud to Public Cloud or setup a Hybrid Cloud to leverage the best of both worlds. We help customers with Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Ali Cloud and VMWare. Additionally, we help our customers accelerate their digital transformation by helping them adopt DevOps, Kubernetes and Microservice Architectures.  Our typical customers are digital natives and medium to large enterprises. We currently operate out of USA, UK and India where the Indian entity covers APAC.

How is the Cloud solution business evolving in the post-lockdown period?

All the enterprises and startups are facing different challenges to keep the business as usual due to lack of access to enterprise networks while the employees are working from home. Some customers who have seen an unexpected spike in traffic could not quickly ramp up due to the nature of on-premises environments. This has led to a change in the mindset of many organisations and now the Cloud is no longer a “Good to Have” but a “Must Have” strategy.

How do you foresee the cloud solution business growing in the next year? Which sectors have the greatest demand for cloud solutions? 

I anticipate that the Cloud Business will see an exponential growth next year. Financial, Healthcare and Public Sector would be the primary movers to the Cloud. 

What are the challenges in Cloud solution business?

There are many challenges in this business like Cloud adoption, lack of talent, longer sales cycles etc., but we at FISClouds have been putting our decades of experience together to address these challenges and are successfully helping more customers start or accelerate their Cloud journey.